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Some Helpful Hints for the Perfect Proposal

Firstly, if you are doing this on your own – congratulations! You have made the first step, and to help you on your way Peter has put together these helpful tips and tricks.

What Do You Feel Comfortable Spending?

Choose your budget. Your budget should be an amount that is comfortable for you, doesn’t stretch your finances too far, but that buys you a good, quality product. Don’t let anyone pressure you into spending more than you feel comfortable spending and definitely don’t pay any attention to anyone telling you to spend three months wages!

By sharing your budget with us we can then work with you to create something beautiful on your terms.

Has She Dropped Any Hints About What She Likes?

Have you been paying attention?? Has she liked a photo on Facebook? What’s on her Pinterest page? Has she cut something out of a magazine and put it on the fridge?

Paying attention to what hints she may have given you gives you a good place to start. We can then work with you to add in your own ideas and designs. Generally, if you choose it, she going to LOVE it!

Do You Know Her Finger Size?

Having some idea of her finger size always helps, but this is often tricky without giving the surprise away. Does she have a ring you can sneak away to help us make a good guess? Does one of her friends have similar sized fingers?

We often have to make a good guess, usually picking a larger size so she can wear it until we can resize it. We are always happy to resize engagement rings and where possible will do it in a few hours, and never at any charge.

Does She Like Yellow or White Gold? Or Both?

This is usually quite an easy one, if her other jewellery is all sterling silver then she would probably like white gold. If she wears yellow gold, then that’s the way to go. However she could also want to change from sterling silver to gold so then she might like a combination of both.

If we are making a yellow gold ring, we prefer to set diamonds and certain coloured stones in white gold, so a mix of colours is common.

Diamonds or a Coloured Stone?

While diamonds are the most popular choice for engagement rings, a coloured stone is a unique alternative. Many girls have a favourite colour that can easily be found in a gemstone, that can then be complimented by diamonds. Sapphire, emerald and ruby are all popular choices, as are aquamarine and tourmaline.

Here at Cameron’s, we specialise in coloured stones and have an extensive collection. If you are looking at having a traditional diamond engagement ring, then make sure you check out our diamond guide.

You Don’t Need to Spend Your Hard Earned Cash on Extras Like Warranties or Care Plans!

At Cameron Jewellery we do not sell extended warranties or care plans. If we hand-make a piece of jewellery for you, we will care for it. We like you to bring your jewellery in to be cleaned and checked and think that looking after your pieces is just good old fashioned customer service.

Because our pieces are handmade and our white gold does not need rhodium plating then you don’t need a care plan to pay for ongoing maintenance.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed or Feel Pressured!

Choosing an engagement ring is meant to be an exciting time, so don’t let anyone make you feel pressured about your decisions. Look for honest, straight-up information about what you are buying. There is no such thing as a silly question, and be informed about diamonds, coloured stones and metal.

At Cameron Jewellery you can speak to Peter (a fellow bloke) about what you are after and there won’t be a sales pitch or up-sale in sight!