At Cameron Jewellery our team can work with you to design a special piece of jewellery. We work one-on-one with our customers to make sure we are creating just what you are after, and you can speak with jewellers, Peter & Sam, to understand just how your piece is made.

We still handmake every custom design, including hand setting stones, so you know your design is truly a on-off creation and work is done on-site in our workshop. We can provide all the metal and stones needed to make a piece of jewellery, or we can use what you have to create something new. We use photos, drawings and our in-depth consultation with you to make sure your new piece is exactly what you imagined. Custom pieces aren’t just rings either, we can create pendants, bracelets, earrings, brooches, cufflinks and charms just for you.


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Peter Cameron has always been a great believer that prevention is the key when it comes to maintaining your jewellery. He often uses the analogy that you would never drive your car for 30 years without having it serviced, so why would you not service your jewellery?! Peter recommends having your precious pieces cleaned and checked at least once a year to avoid disaster, and suggests picking a birthday, anniversary, or some other special date to bring your jewellery in.

We offer a full clean and check service every week, and in most cases it only costs $5.00. In regards to any of our handmade pieces we will clean and check each item for no charge to ensure it is always looking it’s best. Rings with claws are the most important pieces to have checked as no one ever wants to look down and see a missing stone!


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We always hope that we don’t have to provide this service, but if the unfortunate does happen then we will work alongside your insurance company to replace your missing pieces. We also understand that completing an after-loss claim on jewellery can be deeply upsetting, so we suggest making a time with us to come and sit with us and work quietly through your claim.

Making sure you have up-to-date valuations on all very special pieces and that you have photos of everything else is extremely important, so that if worst comes to worst then the process is all a bit easier to deal with.

We specialise in repair work here at Cameron Jewellery.

We repair all jewellery on-site, and you have the benefit of explaining your repair needs to the jewellers who will be doing the repairs. Repair work can include ring and bangle resizes, chain repairs, soldering broken earrings and gluing.

We also offer a rhodium plating service on a Tuesday morning, and to rhodium plate each ring is just $35.00.

At Cameron Jewellery we offer two different services when it comes to jewellery valuations. For valuations for insurance purposes we work with registered valuer and gemologist, Nicholas Tsalis, who carefully appraises and photographs your pieces. Nicholas works from his office in Wellington, and so pieces needing to be valued by him travel to his office by New Zealand Couriers. For pieces of jewellery that we have made here in-store (and in some other special cases), Jill and Peter Cameron will value your items here on the premises. Jill also offers a inventory service where she briefly documents pieces that you would like recorded, but don’t need to be officially listed on your household insurance.

We understand that what may have been a loved piece once upon a time, may now need a revamp or a complete facelift!

We know that your jewellery is extremely precious to you and so we listen carefully to your needs and offer advice when looking at remaking. You may choose to remake a piece of jewellery because it is worn out, out of date or just because you want a change; or an upgrade!

When remaking we always use your gold and stones where we can, and work through the design process to make sure you are going to be thrilled with the end result. Remaking is a great way to unsure your precious pieces live on for another generation and don’t end up in the back of the jewellery box.


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Jill Cameron is our pearl expert, and has over 30 years experience in threading pearls and beads. Whether you have loose pearls you would like threaded, or an existing string that needs a bit of love, Jill can help! We also have an extensive range of pearls in-store that Jill can share her knowledge on.