All rings featured for sale on this site are made to the average New Zealand finger size and are only available in one size, unless otherwise stated. Pieces not shown as having more than one size available are one-off, custom pieces and so are only physically available in the made size.

We are more than happy to size any of the rings for sale on this site for no extra charge when there is only one size available. If you think you may need a ring sized then please contact us to find out the size of the ring you are interested in. If the ring does in fact need to be sized, then you can find out your finger size at your local manufacturing jeweller. Finger sizes should be given as a letter of the alphabet (not a number).

Cameron Jewellery will accept no responsibility if the finger size has been taken incorrectly at another jeweller and numerical, American and centimetre sizes will not be accepted.

All Karen Walker Jewellery, Karen Walker Diamond, Boh Runga Jewellery and Republic Road rings are available in every New Zealand finger size. The sizes shown on the product page are sizes that we currently have in stock in-store. If you require a different finger size we are happy to order it for you, please contact us to arrange this.


Unless otherwise stated, all necklaces and chains come at the standard 45cm length. If you require another length for a certain piece, please contact us to see if it is available.

When specific lengths are stated, those lengths are the only available lengths for that piece. Please note that longer chain lengths could more expensive than shown on the product page.


Unless otherwise stated, all bangles come at the standard 6.5cm diameter size. To find out your hand size you can visit your local manufacturing jeweller or size an existing bangle by measuring in centimetres the inside diameter of the bangle.

If you require another size for a certain bangle, please contact us to see if it is available or if the bangle is able to be sized. Please note bangle sizing could incur a cost.