The ‘Heroine’ earrings and the beauty of a night sky captured together in The Starburst and Starburst Button. Whether worn with jeans and a T shirt or with a cocktail dress, these are the perfect finishing touch. A sparkling pattern featuring 21 cubic zirconia that celebrate the coming of age and the joy of life.

A collection to honour life’s milestones and achievements. Stellar Rose celebrates a coming of age, for Boh in her musical history by marking the 20th anniversary of the album Mix by her band stellar*, and the journey that everyone undertakes in their lives through music, art and exploration of the spirit.

Song lyrics from ‘If I Could’ by stellar*

‘If I could make those stars in the sky
Light your way wherever you go
There’ll always be stars in your eyes
You know that I would
If I could…’

Starburst size is 16mm  x 16mm, button is 10.7mm.